Rockabillly space-skeleton DJ backpack




Can’t tell from the listing if it’s glow-in-the-dark or just fluoresces under black light. Either way: YES.


What, no ukulele?


This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Why is the spacesuit transparent?


Duh, Not transparent – obviously a major coronal ejection from the sun caused his skeleton to fluoresce bright enough to show through the fabric.


By “working a set of turntables”, I assume you mean plugging cables and such? Otherwise, that guy’s spinning from the back side is a trick I never mastered in my turntablist days.


f) that glows in the dark or fluoresces, either way, ordered.

Edit: according to the mojo website they are blacklight reactive.


That’s SO unrealistic! You’d never hear the turntables in a vacuum!


Simple: You just need to turn the bass up high enough that the vibrations conducted through the ground cause lunar dust get kicked up – once you get enough dust floating around, you have a medium to propagate the sound waves. You just need to do it before the dust causes the turntables to seize up.


Usually, yes.


There’s an extra letter thrown into the post title :frowning: Why can’t I get past this and enjoy the merchandise?


Gah! I was fine, I hadn’t noticed. Now I’m ill-at-ease.


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