Rockefeller heir George O’Neill is Russia agent Maria Butina's ‘U.S. Person 2 & Rohrabacher's in this, too: Reports

I share a tweet from George O’Neill’s wife Amy Whittlesey from 26 July 2018. It seems George O’Neill may’ve given Amy an unwelcome gift, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE:


This is incredible.

We primates are curious

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You can be a patriot or you can be a Republican, but you can’t be both.

Depends on which country they’re being patriotic to…

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Well then; big news drop day.

Hi evangelical voters!


Sorry, what’s this about?

I wouldn’t be surprised if conservatives were responsible for putting drugs in Halloween candy to create a culture of “don’t trust your neighbor.” There sickos out there, sure, but what satisfaction could come from putting a “fuck you” note in a bottle and tossing it in the sea? What, “gee I’d love to see the face on the guy who finds this” (weak analogy, I know).

In fact, I just now read on that there’ve been no such incidents involving poisoned Halloween candy. However,

TV and newspapers issue dark warnings about tampered candy and suggest taking the little ones to parties instead of collecting goodies door-to-door.

The media’s been a tool for ages.



Rumour has it that Russia agent Mariia Butina has a sexually transmitted disease. On Twitter, the account @RubyWorms shared a spreadsheet snapshot of her likely contacts. George O’Neill is absent from that spreadsheet – RubyWorms speculated Dana Rohrabacher was US Person 2.

At least on one occasion, Butina offered sexual gratification in exchange for a position within a special interest organization. George O’Neill is the US Person 2, not Rohrabacher. Butina likely had sexual relations with the philandering George O’Neill. Ms. Amy Whittlesey O’Neill, the wife of George O’Neill (after reading her Tweets I want to call her “Ms. Witlessly”) reported to @POTUS and @JimJordan (a GOP congresscritter) that she received a phone call asking about her medical info before sharing news of ‘a sensitive matter’.

I don’t know why US adults would tweet publicly to GOP politicians about medical info connected to ‘sensitive matters.’ Ms. Whittlesey O’Neill’s tweet seems to be both unhinged and genuine. For me it’s fun to surmise that Mariia Butina, from Russia with Love, infected GOP and NRA associates with all that outreach activity.

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Man, Red Dawn III is gonna be such a different movie…

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maybe used to be known as the phoenix

To ease the pressure on my sensitive soul I have always imagined that conservatives look like Barbie and Ken dolls without clothes on. Just hard shiny bulges where the genitalia are supposed to be. Thanks but no thanks for ruining that illusion for me.

But also, would this be the normal way for a US health institution to act in the case of a suspected STI?

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Was game dinner. Squirrel casserole, with Mousse for just dessert.


You think they are unrelated?


. For me it’s fun to surmise that Mariia Butina, from Russia with Love, infected GOP and NRA associates with all that outreach activity.

Have you read The Delirium Brief?

“Mr. Erickson didn’t respond to emails and phone messages.” ???

From the arrest pdf… “On December 1, 2016, U.S. Person 1 emailed BUTINA with instructions for “what is required to book the Russian delegation hotel rooms in the Washington Hilton – the actual venue of the National Prayer Breakfast.” The email listed rooms and prices, and U.S. Person 1 noted, “To be safe, I’d ask [the RUSSIAN OFFICIAL] to place US $3500 on one of your Russian charge cards in order to pay these deposits.””

From the risk of flight motion…
““In addition, on July 12, 2018, Butina and U.S. Person 1 were observed entering a bank, D.C., in Washington and sending an international wire transfer in the amount of $3,500 to an account in Russia. Although the government does not proffer that it knows the purpose of that transfer at this point” :wink:

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