Rockefeller heir George O’Neill is Russia agent Maria Butina's ‘U.S. Person 2 & Rohrabacher's in this, too: Reports


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Target the authoritarian president and the oligarchs that support him.

Seems like a logical strategy.


The U.S. charges against Butina discuss “friendship dinners” she organized to bring together Russians with politically active Americans who’d be receptive to their money and ideology.

That’s unfair. Attendees also rave about the lectures on gardening and the lessons in how to play a nice game of solitaire.


It was probably all about exchanging vodka distilling techniques and recipes. /s


If anyone’s curious, O’Neill has sort of always been the black sheep of the Rockefeller family, known to be a complete shitbag to women (with a horrible and quite well-documented divorce in his past) and an utter hypocrite. Preaches family values, cheated on his wife constantly, you all know the song and dance by now.


It’s like watching an episode of VEEP every day for four years! They are definitely throwing in some amazing plot twists, just wish it was a little funnier, but maybe tomorrow huh! :sneezing_face:



That’s not a horse, @xeni.

(ETA: OK. Now it is.)


You know, it’s becoming increasingly clear that a large segment of the conservative movement has been compromised by our adversaries for a long, long time. Ever since the Bush years, I’ve found myself wondering, if Republicans are so goddam patriotic, why are they continually finding ways to make America weaker - particularly our military and our economy?

If and when the whole story comes out, maybe it will be far more complex and dirty than any of us suspects.


um, serious question, has anyone checked trump’s (insecure, technically illegal) phone for this very case with half-naked putin?

omg imagine what they’ll find on trump’s phone once they are allowed to seize it after his presidency

I still don’t quite get how Butina worked so openly for years without being stopped until now when she is being used as a useful scapegoat and probably will be sentenced far far more harshly as a result


Why so many pictures of Butina in this article? They don’t add to the story.


Hurt’em where they hurt the USA, VOTE the TGOP scumbags out.


That headline is rough stuff, not helped at all by the absence of a closing quote.


Yeah, I’m really caught between losing our democracy and the bad english / grammar / punctuation thing on BB, it’s a real tuffy.


Why hope for tomorrow when today isn’t yet over? Fingers crossed for a Ford style pratfall tonight.


It was supposed to be a secret?



Yes! I actually only rad the article to see what the word salad headline was trying to say


All these pics of Maria and not one of Georgie Boy? Doesn’t seem right.


Word salad sleuth is a thingy?


I actually temped at a Prayer Breakfast. They feature honest to gawd nine fucking inch nails with the serving. Creepy as shit.