Rockubot is the sterilizing robot that can destroy germs throughout your home

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Breathless marketing copy notwithstanding, this is obviously overhyped and unlikely to produce much of value in any sort of real-world setting. The juxtaposition (only one post away) of this with news of people dying because they ingested something because a quack told them to…

It’s a fine gimmick, but it’s hard to believe that a $99 battery operated device actually kills 99% of all the “germs” in your bed or anywhere else.

I think it would be better if boingboing didn’t engage with plague-related placebos right now.


Honest question:

Is there a way that I can subscribe to/support BB so that I don’t see these stupid shop ads anymore? They’re so completely tone-deaf and totally NOT what BB is about.


No true BoingBoing post?

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Hey @boingboingshop and stack social, and i mean this quite sincerely
mr rogers


The Mayo Clinic has extensive advice on controlling dust mites, but don’t mention ultrasonic.

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