Rod Serling's 1964 retelling of 'A Christmas Carol'

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Highly recommended.


Ayn Rand’s Objectivism in one image


Absent visits from ghosts, appeaser Isolationists and right-wing Libertarians and ammosexuals commonly share the delusion that there’s such thing as “away from” (or at least compromise with) fascism and war and poverty. It’s a cargo-cult form of actual pacifism and charity.

It was less easy – perhaps uniquely so in history – for all but a tiny number of Americans to believe that in the decades following the New Deal and WWII and in the years following the Cuban Missile Crisis. However, the kind of thoughtful humanist analysis expressed here by Serling (and his absolutely stellar cast and crew) is dying out as a cultural norm in the U.S.

Also “Grudge” sure was a popular name for characters in mid-century Christmas stories.

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