So this is Christmas

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My neighbors down the street would hold a xmas party annually. Potluck. Modest house. Lots of string lights in the trees. Fire pit out back.

We’d all sing together, the usual carols, and pretty much always finish the party with this song.

Central Texas does have its surprises, its cosmic cowboys, its nice folks and unapologetic hippies. I am grateful.

:musical_note: War is over if you want it :musical_note:

indeed. There’s a sentence that’ll take a lifetime to unpack.

Some of us are fighting our own wars, inside ourselves and elsewhere.
Until we can gather again with our neighbors and friends and family, try to be kind.
And if you can’t be kind, be polite.
And if you can’t be polite, just try to walk away as soon as you are able.


But also on the alt playlist is Laura Nyro’s “Christmas in My Soul”, Phil Ochs “Christmas in Kentucky” and Woody Guthrie’s “1913 Massacre”.

And you can’t say counterculture Christmas without Cheech & Chong’s “Santa and his Old Lady”.


Is anybody else really pissed off by that age restriction policy? You have to enter your credit card or your ID here in Germany. I want to give Google neither.


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The song comes from the militarism interregnum between the Tet Offensive and the Gulf War, the '70s and '80s, when people could talk about “peace” without some idiot changing the subject to SUPPORT THE TROOPS or how the inhabitants of whatever country would suffer if we stopped invading it


oh. dear. dog.
Stan always makes me cry. I needed that one tonight, in my warm, secure home,I am not insecure and I need to be reminded that sooo many are not so very lucky.
this is one xmas I am spending without my brother, who is stuck in Philly, by himself. we would be in the water on the reef right now were he here.
so tonight,I appreciate Stan Rogers and his very moving way of storytelling.
“And with every jar that hits the bar, I swear we’ll make a merry fucking xmas rise again
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One of Stan’s bleakest, and that’s saying something. Yes, it reminds me that there are many aspects to my privilege.

:notes:God damn them all!
I was told
It would disappear
Before the year grew old… :notes:


possible solution/workaround:
add “nsfw” before “youtube” in the adress: e.g. www.nsfwyoutub…

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Rolling Stone has the video without the login restriction:


Thanky you, Ì´ll give it a try.

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