Roger Ailes is Donald Trump's new campaign advisor, reports say. Oh, what a pair


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Did Ailes tell Donny “in order to play with the big boys you have to lay with the big boys”?



And that pair is red, like raw hamburger.


*shudders in horror


Trump isn’t “facing charges”, that would indicate that a prosecutor has opted to charge him with a criminal offense. He’s being sued (in questionable fashion) pursuant to rape accusations. There’s a rather major difference.


First stop, Hooters.


It’s unfortunate that, while an atrocious human being, Ailes is apparently a fairly effective political operator. It’s much easier to enjoy the spectacle of people who really deserve each other’s company when there isn’t a risk of synergistic effects.


Pah. Manga wanjee kohkpah (ooohl) Peecha wahnjee kohkpa tahng nahngee toochantkee troi!!


Surely this story is straight from the Onion…

today’s New York Times story

…well then.


Oh for fuck’s sake.


That’s… not good news.

Is there anybody in this country better than Ailes at packaging and selling insane rantings and making the public believe in them?


Okay, the image that accompanies this post should really be put after the jump with a NSFW warning. Nobody wants to see that right before bed.


Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahh. But Ailes hasn’t really worked on a campaign directly since like the 90’s and a lot has changed. He’s spent the last 20 years at least encouraging political mouth pieces to lie, bloviate, and fear monger. And while that’s precisely what helped lead inexorably to Trump. Its also the feature of his campaign that’s being widely pegged as the reason things are falling apart.

It worked real good. For the primaries. But Ailes’ entire media strategy and history makes me think he’s going to be one more person telling Trump no press is bad press, the polls are inaccurate, and loudly mouthing off while “saying the things noone else will” are the best way to go. GREAT for ratings, but hasn’t worked out too well for Trump the last 3 weeks. And Jesus its been nearly a month since the conventions and Trump is still giving us a weekly unforced error.


I read this headline, saw “Oh, what a pair” and my brain immediately starting humming a complete non sequitur: “Oh, what a night, late December back in '63 …” I think my subconcious has developed its own defense mechanism to counteract my actually reading one more piece of horrifying news regarding Trump. Look, Jilly, a squirrel!


So, the accused rapist is getting advice from the accused sexual harasser. What could possibly go wrong?


Even I get boarded sometimes…


Also, even if he actually had good advice, it’s not like Trump is any more likely to listen to him than all the other advisors he’s been ignoring so far. He seems fundamentally incapable of listening to anyone else, or paying attention to anything for more than two minutes…


Most likely this is more attuned with Trump’s rumoured look into going into founding his own news network. Or rather, lending his name to a news network. Two con men looking to exploit each other whilst ripping off the rubes.