Roger Ailes' son threatens accusers: “I’m coming after them and hell is coming with me.”


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Meh, he’s a teenage kid. When I first heard the story I was thinking some guy around my age. I can’t blame a kid for being pissed his dad is dead and wanting to blame other folks for it, even if we know his dad was a ginormous douche.


Molest in Peace, Roger Ailes. And may your son come after me, to prove me right.



Trump can mentor him for a future presidency.



His grief and anger are real. Let’s be careful about mocking his loss.


I hope the people he’s threatening clean out his bank account in court


I’m amazed he had a teenage kid. I’m not amazed that’s what the kid looks like.


Chances are even that in the next 7 years he’ll know that, too. He’ll also probably be angry that his father was an unhealthy 60-year-old when he was born.


It never occurred to me that Ailes managed to reproduce.


I’ll give him exactly as much respect as his dad would have given a grieving liberal’s son/daughter.


Another little Martin Shkreli in the making.


To be fair, this would be a pretty cool eulogy for a Sith Lord.


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I’d give him less, assuming that were humanly possible.


Sometimes being nice to people isn’t about whether they deserve it or not. It’s about trying to be the people that we want to be.

Judging from the photos, Roger Ailes was more Jabba the Hut than Sith lord…
(because I’m not actually all THAT nice, and unlike his son, Roger has done much to deserve our scorn. He didn’t STOP deserving it just because he died.)



Sure… after he finds the guy who really harassed all those women, he can help OJ find the real killer.


How delicious would it be if it turned out the real killer was Roger Ailes…