Roger Stone and Randy Credico talked about WikiLeaks plans, their leaked texts show


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Hillary “will kill without conscience the same way Luca Brasi did” JHC

These idiots live in a seriously fk’d up fantasy / conspiracy world.


I had been planning in getting glasses like those. I guess I’ll have to reconsider. Thanks, Roger.


If you get them, you will become him.


They’re probably hologram glasses. He really does have two small mouths behind them.


But can I still get the Nixon tattoo?


Slow as it may be, Stone is inching closer to a jail cell. Thank you very much…


It sure would be a fun twist if Julian Assange escapes prosecution for those sexual assault charges just to get taken down in the Mueller investigation.


I guess no one in Orange Man’s orbit has Prime Video (which had every season of the Wire last I checked)

What law specifically do you think he broke? He’s an Australian citizen and did his work outside the US, so espionage probably won’t stick…


That comes with!


Phew! I thought we’d gone a dangerously long time without a thread mentioning Assange!


Stone is so desperate for attention and approval that he simply couldn’t help himself.



He did you a favor.


No idea, but his supporters claim a big part of why he’s still holed up in that embassy is the supposed threat of extradition to the U.S. on as-yet-unannounced charges. So I can dream.


Yeah pretty sure that is BS. He was worried he’d be told “time served” only counts awaiting trial in a jail, and promptly serve out another 3-5 in a Swedish prison.


The specific charges are still secret, but as of today their existence has now been made public:


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