Roger Stone utters racial slur in interview

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“I can’t beleive I’m arguing with this negro.”

This garbage pile has been urging white Americans to take that attitude since he worked with Nixon during the early days of the Southern Strategy. After decades of doing that, it was only a matter of time before he said it out loud for all to hear.


I’m just surprised it didn’t follow a joke about Jews.


Don’t worry. If he fucks up again, his buddy Trump will make it all go away.


Even if Stone had used a more acceptable term, he’s still a racist for dismissing the interviewer as a POC, and therefore not worthy of his time.

I can’t believe I’m commenting on this racist piece of shit. :poop:


Yeah, the sentiment is so deeply racist, they can making bullshit arguments about the word all they want.

Stone is probably just declining mentally and thinks it is the Hoover administration.


Are you fucking kidding me? Hmmm. Checks out.


…And a gaslighting coward too.


Stone: (mutters slur)
Mo’Kelly: Pardon me?
Stone: Oh, so now you want a pardon but you’re giving me shit? Typical [slur].


How is this even news? Is it because he didn’t use the other n-word instead? We know exactly what Roger Stone is all about, this is completely expected.

What’s next, Bill Cosby calling a woman the b-word? Will that make headlines?

The only thing worse than an administration comprised of overt White Supremacists would be if our society just shrugged and dismissed it as something normal and acceptable. This is not normal or acceptable.


How utterly and completely surprising!

Seriously, the guy’s a horrible right-wing piece of shit. I think blatant racism is to be expected from him.

Apropos, a question on terms – these days “negro” clearly is seen as a racist slur. But AFAIK, it used to be the “polite”, acceptable term at one point. Anyone know around when the shift from acceptable to questionable to a slur happened? (This is just me being curious about changing language in America.)


I agree, but by calling out his words as if they’re surprising, it almost normalizes his decades of actions, as if he could somehow justify those.

It’s just weird, it’s like NOW he’s crossed the line, Before he was maybe slightly problematic, but now we have confirmation? We had confirmation long before and shouldn’t pretend we didn’t.

I think any headline about this should read, “Roger Stone utters racial slur in interview because of course he did”


Dick Cavett circa late 60s used the word when talking with James Baldwin, who also used the word.

James Brown was on the show a bit later and when Cavett used the term, said something like "I don’t know any ‘Negroes’ " and Cavett basically said he would start using Black instead.

I’ve wondered myself what role “Say It Loud (I’m Black and I’m Proud)” had in solidifying the transition.


I think for me the issue is “should we NOT report that the guy Trump just sprung from prison is using racial slurs on national radio shows just because we already knew he was a racist piece of garbage?”

Certainly it would be all over the news if one of Joe Biden’s close associates said something like this.


Indeed, negro used to be the polite word to use. There’s a whole article about how in the 60s the word went from polite to out, and how it’s tied to Stokely Carmichael’s book in 1967. So I would say that for anyone in educated circles, it’s been out of acceptable since the 70s.


Thank you! That was very interesting, and answers exactly the thing I was wondering about. :slight_smile:


Well, I actually never noticed the racist part of stone before. I never really got beyond him being one of Putin’s spies and being Trumps Russian handler here in the US.

Plus the whole Batman villain thing. Always thought that was a bit of a weird cover for a spy.

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We might have to get used to lots and lots more headlines then, I don’t think he’s going to stop saying it.

“Roger Stone Uses Racist Slur…Again…”

I remember when “For Colored Girls…” came out in the mid-70s. The term had a bit of a throw-back feel to it, but it was definitely still in use. I would say mid-to-late-70s was the latest you’d hear the term in Chicago, except by people who were purposely using it to signal their racism.