Roller Derby's most awesome tournament: The Big O

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I had no idea modern roller derby was done on flat tracks

I think it is the “Flat Track Roller Derby Association” iirc.


I have fond childhood memories of watching my favorites, the Green Bay Bombers, on TV… and me, a Brooklynite back then! The best part was when a teammate would be ‘whipped’ through the wall of blockers, and always at the last second! Almost as if it was… faked?

If you just happen to be in the greater Eugene metropolitan area

And Eugene is in… ???

there has to be some inside joke on it being named The Big O.

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Try the first sentence of the post again. I don’t wanna give away the secret.

Do they use Big O notation?



I re-read that a few times and i didn’t see a location (my powers of observation are beyond measure). Granted i knew i could open the link to the derby or googled it but didn’t do so :stuck_out_tongue:

The wonderful thing about Flat Track is - at least when I went to see the Rose City Rollers - you could sit on the floor right near the track and see all the action. And possibly get plowed into by a skater. Not a whole lot of sports where you can be so close to what’s going on.

“most awsome”? I don’t know… I was a spectator at a couple of East Coast Derby Extravaganzas…I even watched the famous “slay ride” bout.


I beg to differ. On May 19th-21st Battle on the Bank X is happening in Phoenix, AZ.

If you are used to flat track derby, the banked track is a completely different animal: faster paced, and more fun to watch, IMHO.


There are actually a number of ways to get The Big O - inside, outside, sometimes just by thinking about the right things. You might even get it in your sleep. :slight_smile:

I have a friend who does derby. Her team went to Eugene a couple of years ago, and had a fantastic time.

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I once sat next to a guy and his dominatrix girlfriend in Austin’s sorely missed Waterloo Brewing and he started talking about how he was going kickstart a Roller Derby revival. I mistakenly then thought that he was even more of a flake.

How could you possibly say that!

With stage names like “A” cup annihilator, A Fist Called Wanda, and Afternoon DD lite, why would you think that there may be puns or double entendre involved in something derby related?


My wife plays Flat Track Roller Derby. It’s a skilful and tactical sport that she thoroughly enjoys. It’s also done marvels for her fitness and she’s put on muscle and improved her waist:hip ratio in ways I find highly aesthetically pleasing. :kissing_heart: :grinning:

But I do wish she’d wear a badge that says “My husband doesn’t beat me, I play Derby” … :fearful:


Man, I feel for you. My wife snowboards, and thumped herself pretty well one trip, getting a black eye. Unfortunately right before a vacation. The death stares were a real thing, and someone actually handed her a note in an elevator with a number to call if she needed help.

Good that there are people out there looking out for potentially abused women, but man, I wish I had a shirt that says “She’s a psycho and rides a stick down a cold low friction steep mountain. I was safe and warm at home when she did this to herself!”.