The Big O: Eugene, Oregon's global roller derby tournament

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Rat-a-tat Cat! I know you’re headed to this–you’re the boss! Take’em down!!!

Make sure you get your shots before you go here. Eugene OR has one of the lowest child vaccination rates in the NW.
One school in particular had a 67% UNvaccinated rate.

Edit: added “UN”


Please tell me Eugene is known for better things than Animal House and anti-vaxers.
We’ve got great beer, Olympic trials, (formerly?) a big anarchist community…



Oh - wait…


Okay. Prefontaine? Bill Bowerman? Nike?

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@jlw your forgetting the panakces

Eugene, Oregon home of the second Original Pancake House?

I eat there every time I am in Eugene!

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The Kesey family, and Ken’s legacy. Their place is out in Pleasant Hill, but we count them as one of us.

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Sadly our local team is not participating. Go, Maui Roller Girls!!

Our neighbour is a Rat City Rollergirl. One of these days I guess we should go watch them…

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I believe Animal House was filmed in Cottage Grove, a bit south of Eugene…

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Tim Hardin, Mason Williams, Howard Hesseman were born in Eugene.

It seems like a fairly famous place, I recognize the name immediately, but hadn’t remembered the “Animal House” angle.

Other films were made there too.

No side.

I was totally going to post that!

Also, one year, I dressed up as Dorothy… there is a funny picture somewhere of me holding my daughter (who was a wee bairn at the time) dressed like that.

Come to think of it, that’s one series my anime obsessed daughter has not yet seen.

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That would be cool to see.

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I have no clue where it is, sadly!

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