Ron Jeremy charged with rape

I always liked green mario better

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I’d like to say that just because…

Nah. Ignoring this thread. Too many lego bricks to step on.

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Situations where there’s a power or status disparity between the two people which makes saying no extremely difficult. These can cover the spectrum from “could have been cooler about this” to “yep, I guess that was rape”.

Damn. And now here I am talking like the people who most annoy me on the internet.


Wasn’t he called ‘The Hedgehog’? or mb that was a nickname for his schwanzstucker

otoh, he’d still be an improvement on Hair Twittler (ewwww)

I, for one, can’t believe that pornography distorts the way people view human relationships.

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I only know one person that has been in his presence, and she said that he was a super gross (both in not bathed as well as creepy AF), and just kept “jokingly” trying to fondle women who clearly were grossed out, and not at all impressed with his celebrity.

Yeah, he morphed from the generic 1970’s porn 'stache brand into the “greasy old fat guy who thinks people still find his sweaty, hair ass sexy and is abusive as fuck.” In all fairness, he was pretty bog standard looking 1970’s Magnum PI hairy guy back in the day; even relatively physically fit.

None of which is to suggest anything other than he’s a disgusting man and rapist. He uses his “celebrity” to victimize women, and nothing I’ve seen him in for the last twenty years (the few mainstream films he’s had a guest appearance in) made me think he was anything but a sleazy bastard.


I wonder how many other prominent men in any branch of show business have used their power and position as a virtual or actual license to abuse women in one way or another? Bet it’s a lot…

Uh, yeah, sure. And your point is?


Yeah, and fuck all of them.

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