Ron Jeremy charged with rape

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Yet more proof, if any was ever needed, that rape is about power and not about sex.


A “goofy, almost family-friendly totem of an industry” you say? There was nothing goofy or family friendly about his totem.


That take is so hot I can’t even look at it.

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I never watched the film, but the previews I saw for the Ron Jeremy documentary Porn Star definitely seemed to emphasize his status as a zany, fun-loving goofball rather than a symbol of the dark exploitative underbelly of America’s sex industry.


So now it’s official : He’s a dick with a big dick


forcibly raping

What other kind is there?


I have two related stories about Ron Jeremy. Never met the guy but around 2011 when i was living in Las Vegas, i was dating a woman who was a graphic designer for a clothing company owned by a wealthy Russian ex-model. The owner was exploring the possibility of hiring Ron Jeremy to act in a commercial/ad for them and he rolls by in a limo wearing sweats that clearly looked unwashed, and he also clearly looked like he hadn’t taken a shower in at least a week (sweaty, greasy and head full of dandruff). He spent the entire time uncomfortably leering at all the female employees, my gf at the time was really grossed out by the whole encounter.

The second story plays off of this. Earlier in the week he had an interview at one of those wanna be Howard Stern edgy local radio shows, one of the female hosts was dared into giving him oral. Now let me remind you that he had not bathed for at least a week…

The next day the female host called in sick with some kind of throat infection. Yeah.

If i knew only those stories about Ron Jeremy and nothing else i can tell you that i would never ever want me or anyone i know to be in his vicinity. Not surprised about previous allegations and i really hope they can bring justice for the victims.


Maybe goofy and family-friendly in comparison to some really, really horrible people.

I know quite a few people who can behave in a funny and nice manner but that doesn’t mean they aren’t psychos who I don’t trust at all.




Raping an unconscious person and also statutory rape.


I can’t remember, but I thought that film made him a “star”. Obviously, he was famous within porn circles before that, but the film brought him to the rest of us.

So I kind of thought the film legitimized him, rather than reflect a “goofy, family friendly guy”.

The onky reason I know about him is because of that film, and his mainstream fame as a result.

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Sounds like a wonderful place to work…


Being gross was always his brand.

I guess it’s easier to imagine yourself in the role if the actor looks kind of like you? I’ve had the impression that he tended to show up in really seedy low rent porno.


Vegas. And shitty wanna-be edgy radio. What can i say? Wish i remembered what station/show it was but its been so long what i posted is whats left of my recollection of it, i’m probably omitting things which in this context is probably for the best.


He’s shown up in mainstream films from time to time. Usually as a walking punchline.

However, he’s also one of only a small handful of porn stars your average person could name. By porn industry standards he’s a superstar.


I’ve got a better story than that: I was once on the same plane flight as him from CA to WI.

I didn’t say it was more interesting, just better.


I would consider less interaction with him as a much better situation that’s for sure :joy:


Just be glad he wasn’t offering free samples.

The other obvious ways are coercive rape – e.g. extortion or blackmail.

There’s tons of ways to override lack of valid consent.