Ron Popeil's ingenious crap


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Yep, exactly how I remember the 80’s and early 90’s - shoulder pads out to here and mauve everywhere.
My friend showed me a pic of his Popeil “set it and forget it” oven the other day- complete with a chicken.


So great was he that Weird Al sang a tribute to him.


Loved his Futurama cameo:


“Welcome to this year’s Academy of Inventors Annual Symposium. I’m your host, Ron Popeil, inventor of Mr. Microphone, the spray-on toupee and, of course, the technology to keep human heads alive in jars. But wait, there’s more!”


OMG Mr. Microphone RULES!


I had one of those as a kid. If I recall correctly the effective broadcast range was no more than a few feet from the radio so it wouldn’t run afoul of FCC regulations.


I remember the commercials. It was for catcalling at people from your convertible.


It’s not possible any of that is just junk he bought off a cargo ship from China?


Perhaps he just “Knew a guy”.

And holy salesman Batman! :

“Popeil broke worldwide sales records by selling over $1 million worth of his Showtime Rotisseries during a one-hour live airing on QVC television (selling approximately 150 units each minute to viewers).”



Still keeping my eyes peeled for a turnip twaddler…


The 80’s were weird. Wish I was an adult for them. 70’s too. But only sorta.


Yeah IKR. We’ve got something more along the lines of the Bass-O-Matic guy. (No offense Dan)


Hey good lookin, we’ll be back to pick you up later!


nice post!


Leaving satisfied.



Please. In Popeil’s heyday (1970s-1980s) China was Maoist or just post-Mao. They didn’t make crapgadgets back then. Singapore, South Korea, or British Hong Kong, maybe.


Whoever made the pocket fisherman made crap. My dad gave me one. The foldable stuff from china now is better.


What’s more, he got Ron’s daughter Lisa Popeil to sing backup for him, on that song and a number of others.


I wish I could find the Second City skit with John Candy using one of these. I know it happened, but nothing turns up on the Googles or the Youtubes.

Best line: “Stop, or I’ll cast!” as a very fake fish is pulled through a very small stream. Special effects were not Second City’s specialty.