Ron Watkins, who many believe is the “Q” behind the QAnon movement came in dead last in AZ GOP primary

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It’s a great day in Arizona!

I mean, let’s not go nuts. Eli Crane manages to clear the very low bar of “at least he’s not the guy who runs 8kun”, but I’d still put him somewhere short of “great”.

And it looks like we’re still stuck with Gosar, Lesko, and Biggs, too.

I want to feel some nice refreshing schadenfreude at seeing Arpaio lose yet another primary, too (this time for mayor of Fountain Hills), but I think it’s pretty clear at this point that the reason he keeps running for office is that he’s running a fundraising grift and it’s working.


Wait a minute. 2999? Added together that’s 29 which are also the first 2 numbers. Cancelling each other, what’s left is 99 which is ii in the alphabet … or maybe it’s …


I’m not sure what he expected. He couldn’t exactly come out and say, “I’m Q!” because then it reveals the whole thing to be a complete hoax, thus, ahem, somewhat undermining the value of that admission to Republican voters. But what’s he got, besides that? “I ran a teen-edgelord/Nazi/pedo forum” doesn’t exactly scream “conservative cred,” even though that actually makes him the perfect distillation of the modern GQP candidate.

So yeah, I’m not surprised, even if I’m still pleased by the outcome. Long may he fail.


The results of the election will be overturned and Watkins will be declared the winner anydayrealsoonnow, just like any event promised by Q.


Oh codemonkey, will you ever learn!

Probably not crazy enough for the Arizona Republicans.

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A good point. The demographic most likely to vote for a candidate associated with Q is also the one with whom he could never talk about Q if he wanted their votes


AFAIK he’s maybe the second Q.


It’s all part of the plan. Trust the plan.

Clearly he didn’t really lose, he is directing the perceived winner from behind the scenes, much like Biden is really a puppet being controlled by Trump.


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