Ronald McDonald Mark I: horror clown

The original Ronald McDonald was pure nightmare fuel (click through for video of him in action). Fun fact: he was played by Willard Scott, who went on to be the weatherman on the Today Show. The Original Ronald McDonald or The Joker? (via Neil Gaiman) READ THE REST

Yep, that’s what we call a Pajama Soaker!

EDIT: Hey, I can beat that:

Ronald handing out burgers to a boy he’s met on the street, then skating away with him.

I like this, lol.

Go home Ronald, your drunk.

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You have to love Ronald “the creepy guy who drives around town in a van” McDonald.

“My Mom told me never to talk to strangers, unless they can provide a convincing backstory and perform magic tricks!”

They ALL float down here.


I tend to agree with Terry Pratchett that not only are clowns not funny, they’re the opposite of funny.


What’s in the bag in the first picture? Are those supposed to be fries? They look more like cigars, or maybe he’s selling pretzels.

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“C’mon and meet the boys and girls.”

“Awww, fuck those kids!” (well, not literally)

edit: Geez, not a good area to be pulling hamburgers from, either.

I think the rabbit pancake guy got to him. Food on head!

Every clown is a Horror Clown.

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Dead clown is good clown.


I think we need to dial down the clown-hatred a bit people.

Many clowns go for weeks, and even months, without smothering a sleeping toddler, tossing kittens in a blender, or breaking the back of old women whose grandkids stepped on a crack in the sidewalk.

This explains everything I’ve ever found a bit off or creepy about Willard Scott.

“Can’t sleep, clown will eat me.”

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