Watch: I was Ronald McDonald

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He’s available for kid’s parties.

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What a terrific short doc. Really well edited, and captured the subject perfectly.

Willard Scott was also Ronald - the original, I think.

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Did he just say ‘shit’ while dressed as Ronald?


that video was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be.

that man was a lot more interesting than I thought McDonaldsCorp would ever hire in the first place.

His blind devotion to their calling exceeded my expectations…

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“He wouldn’t say shit if he had a mouthful. Which McDonald’s customers frequently do, wakka wakka wakka…”

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oh, yeah–still brainwashed af, but not a goody-goody fully on par with Willard Scott, either.

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In the Boston area, we were happy to have Willie Whistle, who handed Ronalds shill ass back to him.


We had Zig and Zag here in Melbourne, but Zig turned out to be a kiddy-fiddler.

Sucks when clowns turn out to have such skeletons in their closets.

OTOH nobody knows anything definitive about Willie Whistle. He was on the Boston television station WSBK, and over the years rumor had it that his identity was never disclosed because he was the stations production manager and didn’t want it to impact his professional duties. The station was old-school for its time, they even had shows where people could call in and ask the station management questions about the programming. And, of course, like other good UHF stations of their time they showed lots of monster movies and such.

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