Song of the day: Rock N Roll McDonalds

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Yep! And some are even at the Art Institute.


It’s worth noting that there was (still is? I haven’t been for a long time) a rock and roll themed McDonald’s in chicago that was near the Hard Rock Cafe and I’m pretty sure was trying to cash in on that tourist scene. So I’m pretty sure this song was about a specific location to some degree. I love Wesley Willis. I got to see him perform once at a small bar in iowa city and I got the sense half the people there had no idea who he was and were totally confused while the rest of us were in rapture of his genius.


Yep, still there, at Clark & Ohio.

Side note, I ended up with an original Wesley Willis sketch. It was pretty badly damaged but brought a decent sum when I was selling all my things to move across the country.



Tempting, but I think that will make you fat. It will put pounds on you.



After eating that, I will be going home and going big.

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Poor Senora Knoxblox…

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Oh wow!

Never thought I would suddenly see me son’s favorite ear-worm enfliction song to show up on BB!

And now, I shall rouse him with a session of this playing and mildly annoying volume!

Thank you again BB for yet another fun moment :relaxed:

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Second time this month (sort of).

Problemamente porque no senora Knoxblox… :man_shrugging:

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Rock over London, Rock on Chicago.

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