Roswell UFO crash, 66 years ago today

This was the front page of the Roswell Daily Record sixty-six years ago today. You can read the full story here. READ THE REST

for completeness sake

From the top:

  • after WWII, many military contractors bid on big boondoggle research projects - to “make sure we are on top if there’s another world war.” Preemptive Manhattan Projects.
  • Witnesses reported seeing strange flying lights at night - these aerospace research projects in action.
  • Science Fiction had already dabbled in UFO ideas.
  • To prevent the Ruskies from figuring out what we were up to, the US military deliberately leaked fake reports of “crash landed UFOs.”
  • The US military then pretended to cover up these leaks.
  • The UFO believers took over the situation, and produced so much noise the Russians could no longer track what research we were actually doing.

And the UFO cult was born…

RAAF? I doubt the Aussies were in New Mexico. Maybe an abbrev for Roswell Army Air Field?

“You can read the full story here.” Suuuuuure you can.


Worst town I have ever been to in my life (and smelliest). The UFO Museum is pretty disappointing, too.

The alien streetlights are nice touch, though.

I’m inclined to agree with the commenter on the Guardian who offered advice for the journalists road-tripping through the town.

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. (But we will probably ignore it because it’s less interesting than alien visitations.)

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In honor of the day…Alien implant makes you feel alright…

Oh yeah, I remember this; when was it aired, 91 or 92? When people back in the day mentioned this as conclusive evidence of anything, it bugged me no end and every time I pointed out the following question:

If this video had come out back in the sixties or seventies, it would have been impressive, but isn’t it a convenient coincidence that it appeared only in the age of Total Recall, Terminator 2 makeup effects, precisely at a time when it can be convincingly faked?

you didn’t click on that video, did you? B^]
it’s the ending of that pixies song, the live version pesco posted is truncated. the uploader just put a montage of alien photos to the music.

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