RU Sirius: new book on the Singularity


Turns out we were wrong about the singularity. It was the day one man had all of the monry. Everything changed, that day.


I’m a big collector of books relating to transhumanism or the Big-S Singularity, but I can’t bring myself to pay for anything Sirius has to say. The man hasn’t had a clue about anything since…Idaknow, 2004? At least he has a sense of humour about things, though, and managed to remain relevant (and humble about it) well past the infotainment lifespan of that idiot Jaron Lanier. Both strike me as old cyberpunks who got butthurt because the Internet turned out to be just another commercial market rather than cyber-info-hacker-utopia they dreamed it would be back in 1995–while, of course, failing to realize that underneath the veneer of blipverts, slick Web 2.x-3.x interfaces, and online shopping/support portals the Internet is ten times better than anything they EVER imagined. They’re just pissed that the Internet is no longer solely the domain of 1337 h4x0rz, information-wants-to-be-free archivists, and digital rebels–which is ironic as hell, considering that the books that inspired them the most, Neuromancer et. al., were all about futures just like the one we live in: corporate feudal states running the infrastructure of the information grid that, meanwhile, folks like biohackers, transhumanist thinktanks, AI researchers, privacy advocates, and all other manner of completely non-corporate operate in the open, effectively piggybacking on the very same network.

Something tells me you haven’t really paid attention to Lanier recently.

Why would I? The guy’s a crank.If I’m going to read idiotic, paranoid bullshit I might as well read entertaining paranoid bullshit, like David Icke.

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