Rudolph Giuliani, Defense Attorney at Law, Champion of the Accused


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH crusading defense attorney Rudolph Giuliani gets a new client and leaps into action to defend him from outrageous accusations!




Panel #10 is destined to become a meme of infinite distribution…

The eyes. The eyes. Yes, it’s real.


It’s time for a new profile picture, courtesy of THE RUDY




But there’s no need for satire… Giuliani is already hilarious!


The fact that Giuliani is a completely incompetent oaf would be more astonishing if not for the fact that Trump and nearly everyone in his orbit is also a completely incompetent oaf. The fact that Fox News will bend over backward to defend such utter and obvious dumbassery is not at all surprising, since they perfected that art during W’s 8-year reign of error.


This and given all the blatant crimes they’ve committed over the years (some of which are only just being uncovered), it really shows the kind of privilege they experience that they’ve not only stayed out of jail but have actually done pretty well for themselves. Trump and everyone in his orbit destroy the idea of a meritocracy.



Another Bolling Theme Massacre! So funny. And true…
Ghouliani’s likeness is keenly rendered. Nicely done.

But who is that handsome fellow with the enormous hands? The normally-haired fellow? Curious…


“This is how innocent people act, right?”

Narrator: They have no idea how innocent people act.


They don’t even know know people react, innocent or not.


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