Rudy Giuliani's descent into debt and despair at Mar-a-Lago: a "nightmare world" of bankruptcy

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I think there are a lot of people who would be perfectly content if Rudy stopped waking up every day.


Sounds like he’s quoting Ruby Freeman.


Every time one of this pack dies, the rest will circle round and claim that it’s because he was just about to reveal the TRUTH.


I just hope when all is said and done his remains go to that crematorium across the street from Four Seasons Total Landscaping, right down the block from the adult novelty store.


In fairness to Rudy, he has to keep pushing the MAGA line.

If Biden wins, then Rudy is going to have that debt round his neck for the rest of time.

If Trump wins, there is an infinitesimally small chance that the Maximum Orange Leader will do something to wave it all away. Not out of loyalty, you understand, but because pardoning Rudy and wiping away his debt confirms the story that the 2020 election was stollen [sic] and that all those who were prosecuted were, like Trump, victims of a Democratic witch-hunt.

That’s the slender hope he’s still clinging to, even as the leopards tear away a little more of his flesh to expose the grinning skull beneath.




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When it’s time for bed after a long day of begging and whinging, they give Rudy the classiest, really the most elegant crawlspace at Mar-a-Lago to sleep in.


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He does not have to keep supporting fascism. He’s made the choice to do so. He’s where he’s at because of choices he made. He had more choices than most people in his adult life, and he decided to support fascism. He can change now, but if he doesn’t he gets what he deserves here.


Or got a vaccination


Only if he cleans the pool. And floods any incriminating documents.


Hey Rudy, there are several million of us out here who wake up every morning and can’t believe any of this is real either. For different, but related, reasons.


I too have great difficulty believing Rudy Giuliani is real.

Rudy has been a faithful lackey, but he was an ineffective faithful lackey that people laughed at. Trump will give him nothing at this point - his notion of “loyalty” is purely transactional, and Rudy failed to deliver. Rudy’s still hoping to fleece the MAGAts, though.

Yeah, he can’t keep the grift going if he abandons MAGA. Sure, it’s no longer working too well for him, but there’s no one outside it he has any hopes of appealing to at this point.

Also it’s pretty clear the racism and misogyny appeals to him. It wasn’t all calculating - he actually believes in it to some degree.


He lived the millionaire lifestyle for a lot of years, dining at only the finest restaurants while his constituents were losing arguments with rats over pizza slices. So he has already reaped more benefits than he deserved.

I am disappointed that he’s still somehow mooching room and board in Florida and not spending his golden years all alone in one of his city’s fabled tenement apartments, trying to stretch a social security check out to 30 days.

I am glad that he gets to experience a little bit of the discomfort while he’s still lucid. I’m afraid Donnie left rational thought behind years ago, and will never comprehend any justice meted out to him.


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