Rudy Rucker on Walkaway

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The brain is local processing, the mind may be the software platform running on the wetware. Consciousness is what this local system taps into as an antenna of sorts. Anyway, that’s what I tend to lean toward.


8 years since Makers came out? Man, I’m feeling kind of old because of that; Little Brother and Makers were my @doctorow gateways, started reading BB not long after. For The Win too, I remember reading that during long road trips to Florida to visit my great grandparents, I remember passing by Disney and ESPN studios specifically while I was leaning back and reading. Don’t remember whether I somehow got it onto my Kindle 3G or if that was a laptop hooked up to a power inverter deal. Still need to get around to finishing Homeland at some point…

Huh, that digression got a bit further away than I expected; I blame the time. Definitely need to give Walkaway a look, the world could probably use a good utopia-building at the moment.

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Rucker can claim to be one of the first but, if memory serves, William Hjortsberg’s Gray Matters from 1971 was all about the immortality of canned brains and personalities and a pretty good book to boot.

I hope you enjoy it – you sound like the ideal audience for it!

You MUST read the Rudy Rucker Ware tetrology. Way ahead of its time.

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