Runner literally flies across the finish line to win race

I’m flying, well, not right now but maybe later.


The trick to flying is to miss the ground.


I was a swimmer too. Long distance. Definitely not very coordinated.

I was going through the pockets of an old coat last night and found two joints. I had to duck, else I hit my head on the ceiling as I flew.

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Instructions unclear. Orbiting.


I’m missing the ground right now.


Then you can’t run. I get your intent though, crossing the line should only count if you’re actually on your feet. In short track speed skating it’s when the tip of the skate crosses the line. That’s a little more difficult in track since ideally you’re not sliding on the track surface.


Tell all that to that horse.

So, the goat didn’t mind?

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Guy is ALL the Tucker.

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I’m a Capricorn, so good on the goat and fish fronts.


Infinite respect.


It’s not against the rules. Nor should it be.

  1. It’s incredibly difficult to do what he did (and not lose as a result)
  2. It’s incredibly painful
  3. The race is over after that line. There are no rules about the condition you must be in when you get over that line.
  4. The runner who crosses the line with their head first wins. This satisfies that rule.

Same here. It’s not like it’s bodyline which, while being technically legal, caused injuries to other cricket players.


I assume you’re referring to the Kentucky Derby?

I don’t know much about horse racing, but if that had been a track meet and the lead runner had wandered all over multiple lanes and impeded other runners, hell yeah they’d be disqualified.


Like this?

Very minor nitpick, but it’s the torso, not the head.


Interestingly, in the Palio in Siena, it’s the horse’s ornamental feather that is the thing that must cross the finish line, by the rules. This means that if the feather were to fall off, the horse would not be able to win, but also, more importantly, there is no requirement that the rider must be on the horse. This has led to jockeys occasionally leaping off their horses to give the horse a final, weightless advantage (while the jockey tries not to get trampled to death).


Yeah, I was talking about the Derby. I don’t know anything about anytime of racing but that horse changing lanes didn’t seem very


Unfortunately, there aren’t painted lanes in horse racing like there is in track, but there were visible grooming lanes. Maximum Security went from the rail to lane 3 then back despite a competing horse that was chest-to-whithers on its outside. That was pretty obvious.

I think this was partially out of need – I think he starting going off balance forward and this was the only way to do it and win.

And can you imagine if he had mis-judged that and landed a few inches shy of the line?? Painful in more ways that one!

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