Runnur vs. Pacsafe: which compact sling bag is best?


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Some of the people were laughing.
“Look at that!” a young boy shouted. “The compact sling bag is a fanny pack.”


The “secure” zippers interest me but pacsafe’s website main selling point for those seems to be that they confuse thieves.
How long till every pickpocket has mastered opening them one-handed?

I was looking at both of these just a week or so ago. I just got back from a vacation to Istanbul and really wished I had something smaller than a backpack, but with a small amount of extra storage space for pills, hanky, small bottle of water, spare phone battery, etc. I decided since I wasn’t going to run with it I’d rather have something a bit nicer-looking, and bought

Worth every penny so far, but not as high-tech-looking, to be sure.

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Didn’t you hear? Supposedly, fanny packs are making a comeback.

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Where there are two convenient zipper tabs (or zipper and other anchor point) I use a keyring to bind them together to thwart easy opening…


Make one that looks like Chewbacca’s bandolier.

Hell just call it a bandolier and I’d get one.

This reminds me of this single strap sling type pack I got when I ordered my first nice digital camera years ago. It was PERFECT. Just the right amount of space. Pockets an areas for storage where I need it. Easy to get in and out of. God I loved how great it was designed.

Down side - it had horrible construction. It LITERALLY fell apart at the seams after using it for 2 weeks on vacation.

Some folks call it a sling bag, I call it a Kaiser bag.


Mhm, kinda shaped like a bananer.
(just look at it)

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I was going to make this joke.


I reckon.

For running? Looks like chafe city to me. Especially the carabiner/d-ring combo being right there on you instead of behind fabric. At least the pacsafe seems to have a flush coupling design.

But the runnuer has the size right. You start wearing more than a few pounds on a sling for walking or running or standing any length of time you risk back pain. Pacsafe looks like it can hold a lot which is not in its favour.

Unless one or both can be slung around the hips I’d say it’s a no-go.

You mean, like a fanny pack? :wink:

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