Russia convicts yet another American — student Trevor Reed gets 9 years in prison on dubious charges

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I have no great love for Russia, but an American Marine is so drunk he blacked out and we’re supposed to doubt that he assaulted a police officer? Hmm. So many conflicting feelings in this one.


I don’t know what actually happened in this incident. What I do know is that anyone who expects to get fair treatment from the Russian cops or court system under the Putin regime is guilty of one thing: naiveté.

[sitting back to await the Whataboutists]


The list of countries where you can expect a fair hearing when accused of attacking the police is considerably shorter than the one where you can’t. Just pick a country for your whataboutism.

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Ah yes

Reed said he could not remember the incident, because he was drunk when he was detained.
Not exactly the best defence. The sentence sounds a bit severe but at least the police did not shoot him.
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He should have just said, “I am the Machine!” and they would have let him go.



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