Russia is now aiming disinformation attacks on mail-in voting, warns DHS

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Hasn’t their spokesman been doing that for months?


I sort of feel like it is a good idea to let Putin get blackmail material on you. It seems like he will do almost anything to help you, when he thinks that you are his pet.

Oregon is a Vote By Mail state.

I do social media for the county Democratic party. In October, I’ll be exhorting people to fill in their ballots ASAP, sign the outside envelope, and mail them at least 10 days ahead of time, or drop them off at an official ballot drop box (also ASAP).

The nearest drop box to me is just outside the door of the county election office, and is walking distance, so I think my vote at least will be counted.


“We assess that Russia is likely to continue amplifying criticisms of vote-by-mail and shifting voting processes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic to undermine public trust in the electoral process.”

So they’ll be retweeting Trump…


I really hope Biden wins, and he immediately instructs our own intelligence services to start fucking with social media in Russia. I know Putin has tried to insulate Russia from that kind of outside influence, but it can be done.

The more he gets away with it and doesn’t see any consequences, the more he will do it.

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Who needs Russia to attack voting by mail when you have the prez and his AG already doing it for you?


Undermining liberal democracy in America is a real international team effort.


Part of the issue is that we’ve been doing that for years. Putin sees the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine as something that was instituted by the west through manipulation of social media for example, and he’s not exactly wrong. While the west looked at supporting PORA through Facebook etc as supporting democracy, Putin saw it as interfering with the internal affairs of one of his clients.

Fair enough, but there’s a big difference between supporting a political movement (in a third country no less) and spreading disinformation designed to cause chaos (like Russia pretending to be BLM or spreading wild rumors and insane conspiracy theories that ultimately leave innocent people dead.)


There is from our perspective. From our perspective there’s a big difference between truth and falsity, between decency and evil, between justice and grabbing for raw power. To people like Putin and Trump, our perspective might seem limited.

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