'Russia or whoever it may be.' Trump not convinced Putin is behind ex-spy's poisoning in Britain

They’ve been doing it ever since he announced his candidacy…


Trump, you fucking Traitor.


With alternative facts.


It means, “Hey, look over there, a squirrel!”

I wonder if his Mighty Wall will keep out Russian nerve agent.


“Look, it could have been any 400 pound government with a chemical weapons program that produces ‘Novichok.’ Like Russia, or Russia, or Russia. Could have been anyone.”

Yeah, Russia does these occasional hits in the most flamboyant, obvious way possible that telegraphs, “Yes, it was us.” I mean, they used up a significant percentage of the world’s supply of polonium to kill a guy, something that would have cost tens of millions of dollars. Here again, they’ve done something that traces directly back to them.

Russia hasn’t just been proving they can bump betrayers off, anywhere, with impunity, they’re also making it clear they could stage weapon of mass destruction attacks in UK city centers at will, too. It’s a threat to the UK as much as defectors.

But Russia is doing the opposite in these cases - they’ve staged attacks that only could have been done by them, but also dare anyone to do anything about it. At the same time, they have killed a significant number of people in the UK in ways that were written off as accidents or random crimes, etc., so they’re clearly capable of doing that, too, if they wish.


…and there is not a damn thing any foreign government can do about it, and anything they do try will at best cause us some minor inconvenience which pales into insignificance compared to the ‘respect’ we get when we do it so blatantly and then invent a reality in which we didn’t.

(Putin’s definition of respect may differ from others’, but more broadly it’s the only thing he has been seeking ever since he rose to power. “The USSR was respected and now we, Russia, are demeaned - I’m going to fix that.” He’s like the two-bit local gang member standing on a street corner insisting people respect him and anyone who doesn’t do so overtly is dissing him and priming to get a beating or worse. And there are plenty of other places / political parties for Putin’s gang members to invest / launder their money with, and if losing their kids’ places at expensive London schools is the price of staying onside with Putin, so be it.)

He’s smoke-screening for all the Stormy Daniels stuff in a complicated way-

I legit think his (somewhat successful) strategy with the news cycle is to overload the news with stuff that the regular old middle of the road media will have to run - news which by it’s very nature makes him look like a rabid idiot. He and his supporters are then able to paint the media as biased and radical.

he’s good at media manipulation, the right has been for the last 30+ years. you think the Dems could figure out a decent way of responding.


As soon as we get the facts straight, if we agree with them…

Yknow, here’s the thing about facts: you don’t have to agree with them. They’re facts anyway. Even if you yell “fake news,” the world is still real.

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“A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.”

I’m not sure it counts as a “strategy” so much as a consequence of who he is as a person.

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Was that Hitler who said that, or Stalin? Neither would be a good guide to epistemology, in my opinion. I’m quite sure it wasn’t Ben Franklin.

I’ve seen it attributed to Lenin and Goebbels as well.

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? Am I misunderstanding this? Certainly the ex-spy and his daughter have been killed in a way that clearly indicates that the long hand of Russia can reach out and strike betrayers.

Last I heard, they weren’t dead. Yet.

Jesus Christ tRump, keep your little orange ass out of CA!

We love our Mexicans here. (okay. maybe not everyone, i.e. the uber conservative shitbags who hate immigrants, but are more than willing to take advantage of cheap labor).

Do you know how many SoCal families are basically “cross border” families, where there are some on this side, and some on the other, usually with dual citizenship all around?

Start your wall somewhere else. Maybe AZ? The snowbirds probably are scared enough of the brown people to let you start there.

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Holy crap, you’re right!

I had assumed that these two were toast. Pretty amazed actually that they’re not. Novichok is a pretty nasty bit of business.

I stand corrected.

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Skripal and his daughter are both still in a coma. The police officer who was incidentally exposed even went into a coma, but came out of it, and is now well enough at least to talk. I read on the Wikipedia page about Novichok agents that the one Soviet scientist who was accidentally exposed ended up unable to read or concentrate for his remaining life.

This deserves an infinite loop of alternative facts. Note how she closes her eyes right before spouting the term.


Edit: bigger gif for those times when you need to deal with bigger lies alternative facts.



it’s often attributed to Goebbels.

but. again, this may well be spurious.

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