Putin is a killer and that's okay with Trump, as seen in this roundup video

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Trump got where he is today by working with mobsters.


Will keep all of this butt-kissing in mind the next time some goof calls anyone not a rabid trumper a “commie”.


All Vladimir Putin has to do is butter Trump up with false praise

Well, that and making sure that some of his pet oligarchs loaned the notorious incompetent and deadbeat money in the early 2000s after Western banks got fed up with von Clownstick.

I doubt that the ex-KGB thug knew this little side bet would pay off so spectacularly, but once it did he doubled down on it repeatedly.


Putin is not in any way a Communist. He is a straight authoritarian strongman, just like Trump tried to be.


You can make an argument that a “communist” (in practice) is a amalgamation of a “socialist” and an “authoritarian”. Putin’s Russia is more of an authoritarian capitalism.

My biggest gripe in this area is when people (on the right) act like “socialist” and “communist” are the same thing. They very much are not.


They missed the one where he believe Putin over his own Intelligence that they were trying to influence elections.

This is an example of WHY they are trying to influence our elections. Do you really think Trump would be taking the same measures as Biden (not that Biden and the rest of Europe are playing hard ball - yet). Trump would take the action of “not our problem”. The rest of Europe would have to step up their pressure, and the lack of US backing would make that harder.


Not a poli sci expert, but seems to me that Communist (and Socialist, for that matter) and Authoritarian should be at opposite ends of the political spectrum.


Or maybe Trump really is that pathetically easy to manipulate. Neither explanation would really surprise me.

To be honest if there was a conspiracy between Putin’s Russia and the GOP to manipulate US elections they’d be fools to let Trump in on it since he’d spill the beans at the first opportunity.


Arguably socialism and communism are economic systems and authoritarianism is a political system. Not strictly true, I know. But authoritarians can be at the head of many different economic regimes.


Trump doesn’t like Putin (and Duterte, and Kim, etc. etc.) despite the fact that they are killers.

He likes them because they are killers.


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Exactly. Some people seem to think he is communist because he clearly reveres and wants to restore the Soviet Union he grew up in.

What they don’t get is that the part of Soviet Russia that Putin likes and wants to restore isn’t the Communist ideology or economic system.

What he wants to restore is the autocracy, raw power, and imperial Russian-dominated hegemony of the Soviet Union. He’s perfectly happy with the kleptocratic capitalism currently practiced in Russia.


The people of Crimea, from what I've heard, would rather would be with Russia than where they were.

There is so much to unpack:

  • He can’t even allow himself to say “Ukraine.” He can’t even mention the country that actually owns/owned Crimea.
  • He uses an intentionally imprecise phrase (“be with”) to so-casually denote the invasion/annexation/theft of Crimea.
  • He makes it sound like the agency was with Crimea itself! “Yeah, so what? Crimea was with someone… now, she’s with someone else: Russia.” Crimea, you heart-breaker!
  • “from what I’ve heard.” As he so often does, he’s voicing an opinion, someone’s, that possibly is not even “his.” And, by they way, from what person on the (American) Security Council would he ever “hear” this?

Trump, the petulant pre-teen, just really hates Ukraine. Ukraine is, to use Trump’s words, a “bad dude.” He has a personal grudge, based on how they didn’t “go along” with his plots to disparage Biden, and how all that backfired into his 2nd Impeachment.

Arent these Lincoln Project jams just kind of… depressing? This statement alone is disqualifying for any high office having anything to do with American security. The quotes they select didnt have an impact when he originally said them. They should have. But they didn’t. How much more effect can they have now?


Pathetic GQP

Source: Cold War, then and now


Good point regarding who owns Crimea.

Stolen property remains owned by the entity it was stolen from. It doesn’t magically become the thief’s. Somehow Trump can’t acknowledge that here, yet he’s perfectly happy to apply that argument to the 2020 election.


That ain’t the half of it. Little Donnie Doodle is out there celebrating Putin’s Ukraine bullshit.


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When he waxes nostalgic about the Soviet Union it’s not the communist part he misses - he misses the part where he got special privileges as a member of the KGB and the part where the “wrong” people got sent to the gulag…

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