Here's what Jair Bolsonaro, Trump, and Putin have in common

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At this point, I’m hoping for any number of words ending in “-ism” that can flare up suddenly and pluck him from our timeline, since the Mueller probe seems to have fizzled out.

But the way things are going I half expect this to be when they perfect some form of brain transplant, or longevity extending procedure, and our overlords finally become imperishable.


With Trump’s fading mental abilities*, a second term means the end of the United States as a nation, really. It’s already irrevocably lost credibility and power outside of its borders.

*Not that they were all that sharp, as his only real success was being a front for others. His business acumen is notably bad, for example.


From where I sit, his main ability seems to be saying how good he is at everything, despite all factual evidence to the contrary, and convincing the people who believe him that everything factual is false. He is the god of flim-flam incarnate.



it’s like lucky charms without sugar


High violent crime rates helped him get elected (Brazil is #12 in the world in per capita intentional homocides). People were tired of constantly getting mugged (or worse). Of course Bolsonaro is not the answer to that or any other problem, but desperate people will try anything. Also, hey Bolsonaro, check out Mantic59 for shaving tips!

It is time to fight and resist like we never have done before. If we are successful I believe that we will prevent the next world war. These animals and the organization that support them must be restrained and dragged down. We can dismantle the next rise of fascism. We can be the next great generation.

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An uneasy reminder of how the NSDAP rose to power by promising to cut down on violence. Of course they were able to cut down violence—it was their goons in the first place!

Not saying that his supporters were muggers, but it is all too plausible to think of his supporters in the police foot-dragging, and his supporters in the media hyping the crime to make bad matters worse, and to give him a quick win once he was elected.


Please don’t talk that way, you are scaring my inner child.

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This is the most bizarre phenomenon.
After the USSR fell, it was supposed to be clear sailing.
It’s like someone mucked with the timeline after 1992.


“The End of History” was a neoCon fantasy, which meant it was destined to go pear-shaped like all the rest of them.

What we really have seen in the past decade or so is the End of Living Memory of History, specifically the history of the 1930s and 1940s. That’s one of the reasons that these right-wing thugs are gaining power.

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