Unlike Trump, President Biden stands up to Russia and Putin with a warning (video)

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Isn’t this what all of them are supposed to be saying? JFC, i can’t stand these spineless pols that are quailed by trump. i dont care what “reasons” they want to offer. they are cowards, all.

and also RIP to Navalny. a very brave man who stood up for his fellow citizens when few others would.


There is too much at stake this year to:

a) not vote, if you are eligible
b) vote 3rd party


In the US, there’s never a good reason to not vote if you are able to, or to vote for third party.


I wish the media and politicians would make it clear that NATO nations don’t “pay dues” like it’s a country club. They’re supposed to allocate 2% of their nation’s GDP to defense. 18 of the 31 nation members do so currently, which has risen from 3 that did so in 2014 when the 2% agreement was struck. The increase in compliance has had far more to do with Putin’s aggression than Trump’s strutting and bullying.


Goddammit, Joe… sure, there are times for diplomacy, and times to choose one’s words carefully, but this ain’t one of 'em! Lord Dampnut has promised NOT to uphold his oath of office, FFS!
It’s past time to hammer that fascist fuck into the ground, along with his ass-kissers, toadies, & enablers. The stakes are too high to do less.

Lord Dampnut deserves no quarter, because he sure as fuck won’t give any…
so take off the kid gloves and turn this guy loose:


In fairness, I have actually seen a lot of coverage of this. It’s some rare non-both-sides pushback. You can search for “trump is wrong about nato” to see some examples. It’s honestly been refreshing to see, particularly so close to the American elections, a time when the media seem to twist themselves into pretzels to seem non-partisan.


I’m truly glad you’ve seen it explained well. I feel like I keep seeing news media play clips of Trump griping about NATO not “paying its dues,” then them frothing about how Trump shouldn’t be mean to our allies, but never explaining quickly and clearly exactly how Trump’s characterization of how NATO works is wrong.


Yeah, but don’t forget that Biden has had a life long issue with stuttering, and such things tend to get worse when someone gets emotional. I suspect it’s not so much that he was deciding to not say what he wanted as that he was pausing quite intentionally to regain his composure before he made one of his characteristic gaffes, which, given the stupid report last week, the media would portray as yet another sign of his mental decline.


It’s times like these (lately, all of the time) that I wish more people understood, really grokked, the difference between levels and rates. Even if Biden showed some signs of mental decline, he’s still miles above Trump. When I drive from Kansas to Kentucky my altitude is declining. Still higher than sea level.

Also, the people who are Very Concerned about Biden’s supposed mental decline never seem to care about TFG’s obvious slide into senile debility.


I feel like the people who are the most Very Concerned about Biden’s decline are going by what they heard 3rd hand from some friend of theirs who heard someone talk about Biden’s decline. The people who work closest to Biden, if one is paying enough attention to listen to those people, admit that while he’s slowed physically in the last several years, his memory and judgment are just fine.

But far more importantly, Biden is not a fascist.


Very true if you live in a “battleground” state. Somewhat less true for those of us that live in un-competitive states and congressional districts. I mean, you should vote in any case, but I’m not going to attempt to sway my Green Party friends in the way I would if Trump or a GOP congressman had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. Heck, perhaps they’ll move the Overton window a little when Democratic politicians see the votes to their left that they’re missing. Such is the state of American democracy.

I beg to disagree.

The Orange Menace needs to be spanked SO HARD that he’ll never show his ugly mug again.

That means EVERYONE needs to vote Biden-Harris.

No sitting it out. No 3rd praty.

I moved from Virginia to Delaware last year to be close to family and friends and am still urging everyone I know to vote for the Democratic candidates even though we have only 3 electoral votes.

45 needs to be put down in both the popular and electoral vote.

Vote 3rd party or sit it out next time. 2024 is too important.


Better yet, never sit out an election, and never vote for a third party. In the US election system, that’s basically always wasting your vote.


Not to mention that there’s every indication that all elections from here on out will be a desperate battle against fascism where it comes down to the wire every single time and a single loss means the collapse of democracy. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see this trend ending once Trump is gone. I don’t know how this all ends or goes back to any semblance of sanity ever again, but the Nazis won’t just vanish now that they’ve outed themselves.

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