Russia planning to build boutique hotel on the International Space Station


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Finally we’ll have an answer to the question of whether the costs of launching something out of the gravity well will moderate the oligarchical bent toward “luxury” design like this:

or this (if the Americans put up their own module before 2020):


Never read “In Praise of Shadows”, that guy.


The chandelier looks like something from… let’s call it…

“Encounters of the Turd Kind”.


Sweet! They could call it the Trump Stratosphere.


If I get to choose which lump of tacky goldish-colored crap from that (second) picture that I get to launch into space, I would actually put up quite a sum… :wink:


Bonus: Trump stays attached to " lump of tacky goldish-colored crap".


I think I obfuscated my regicidal tendencies under one too many layers of internet “cleverness”…in my post, he is the goldish lump of crap…


The world of 1930s science fiction is officially turned upside down.


We’ve synced up. Good.


No amount of money will ever compensate for a total lack of good taste. No amount of gold plating will ever make a turd anything other than ####.


With apologies to Yakov Smirnoff:

In Trump Hotel, golden toilet; in Soviet Russia hotel, golden shower!

In space, no one hear you scream; in Soviet Russia…



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