Russian baby laughs oddly


ladies and gentle-babies, may I present your future drinkin’ buddy.


Why is it all male babies look like old men? My son looked like an old man until he was maybe 5 or 6 months…it was oddly cute in some weird way.

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Bald, toothless, doesn’t see very well, not much hand-eye coordination, gets a lot of crumbs on their clothes, don’t seem to notice when they’re farting

The similarities are endless…


That’s the ring tone I’ve been waiting for.

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I suspect you haven’t met many babies. Lots of them make that noise, it’s normal.

Obviously planning to take over the world. :smile:

Hey hey, careful, you’ll get older too :slight_smile:

Meh. Sounds like plenty of giggling infants that I’ve met. Especially the very little ones who have just figured out how to laugh. He’ll probably outgrow it.

In my family, generally the male babies resembled Alfred Hitchcock, while the girls looked like Winston Churchill. Notable exceptions were me and my daughter, since we both had lots of hair at birth.

Saw this post this morning:
My son was born just in time for his 80th birthday

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