Russian cargo ship tumbling around in space is pretty much doomed to fall back to Earth at this point


Is this the ship that is supposed to be delivering an espresso machine? There are going to be some grumpy bunny astronauts…

This is the best outcome. It has had a control system failure so its a write off. You don’t want it hanging around in orbit and potentially running in to other vehicles.

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At which point?

I want to be sure it isn’t where I am.

Do Svidaniya!

The espresso machine went up on a SpaceX Dragon a couple weeks ago.

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I call rights of salvage! Anybody got an F-150 I can borrow?

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Most likely, you’ll need a boat. and a large net. And to get there before all the debris sinks. Most likely.

Also, you might have to deal with radioactive parts. I don’t know if the Progress-M capsules have X-ray reflection based ground sensors, but the manned Soyuz capsules do. They sense when they’re 2 meters above the ground via a small radiation source in the bottom of the craft, and a radiation sensor. At 2m above the ground it fires a very short duration retro-rocket to slow the final impact with the ground.

Anyway, if you’re going to go out looking for space craft debris, you’ll probably want a dosimeter or something like that as well.

Pfft I’m not afraid of radiation. It’s probably not even real, scientists just made it up to scare people. Anyway, I’ll wear those tough rubber dishwashing gloves.


Y’all are going to let us know precisely when it’s about to burn up, right? Hopefully it will be at night and visible in my hemisphere.

The Progress isn’t designed to survive re-entry, let alone perform a soft landing so I doubt those sensors are installed.


I didn’t know that. Interesting. I had to do some reporting in high school on the Soyuz program, and learned a lot of interesting things about the manned capsules, but I’ve been slacking off and don’t really know anything about the Progress spacecraft.

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We’re missing the important thing here. Like all doomed Russian ships drifting out of control, it’s full of cannibalistic rats and going to crash into Britain.

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