Russian Central Bank shutting down banks that staged fake cyberattacks to rip off depositors


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1.5 billion rubles, is like $5 bucks US.


Putin’s Russia: the GOP model for America.


Roger That!


I hope that we are looking at a very, very, old picture. If not, somebody needs to go give IT a kick in the five year plan about those monitors(the Model Ms can stay, however).


can someone fix the mojibake in the image description? 1990 called and wants its stupid computer error back.


Banking is like the Goose That Lays The Golden Egg: you get to use other people’s money to make money with loans and mortgages, plus you can charge ATM fees and overdraft fines to the very people whose money you are using. So this kind of scam is very much “killing the goose that lays the golden egg”-- how long before Russians are taking all their money out of banks and putting it in coffee cans or mattresses?


Oh, good, I’m not the only one seeing it, then. PHEW.


ñî äíÿ, êàññ!


In Soviet Russia, bank robs you!


In Soviet Russia, bank gets punished for robbing you.


Now that is downright un-American.



Interesting. Looking forward to follow up on this.


Who knew Max Payne had given up vigilantism to become a Russian banker?

Actually that doesn’t sound 100% implausible…


this is why central banks are bad, they can shut down their competitors and corner the illegal hacking market.



Neither the linked to article or the original one on at name the banks, which would have been interesting to know for purposes of attack correlation, if nothing else.


I was going to ask if they were paid per square inch of LCD bezels.

But the picture is from 2001, so

Hollywood hospital ransoms itself back from hackers for a mere $17,000

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