Russian driver encounters rare endangered Amur Tiger walking down the road (VIDEO)

She is an actual conservationist now and much of the breeding was her husband’s idea - she moved away from it and has an actual sanctuary now. But she’s a bit weird and off-putting and all of a sudden, she’s the bad guy? Exotic literally put a hit out on her, but she’s the bad guy? Really? He also regularly killed animals that were perfectly health! I mean, come on.


OH she’s not the bad guy compared to Joe Exotic. I’d agree of all the people shown, I believe she isn’t propagating more big cats any more.

But like I said, her running the Big Cat Rescue isn’t why people don’t like her.

Eh, I suppose you’re right. It just rubs people the wrong way when people act holier than thou when they were at one point no better. Like the guy who was a complete mess with drugs and stuff and finally cleans up and acts like you’re a mess because you still drink sometimes.

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The wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is Tiggers are wonderful things!
Their bottoms are made out of rubber!
Their tails are made out of springs!
They’re bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy
Fun fun fun fun fun!
And the most wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is: I’m the only one!
Oh, I’m the only one!

I sure hope that last bit isn’t prophetic.


Why then? She’s weird? Not feminine enough? Not willing to apologize for going after men? :woman_shrugging:

Was she wrong in these cases? Given they were doing precisely what she said they were? Why is the fact that she used to do the same (or was married to one who did the same) mean she has no credibility? And given that she is actively advocating against animal abuse, in part because she was part of it at one point speaks volumes.

But there is also how the whole docuseries was edited, to make her look like a bitch. :woman_shrugging:

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What a beauty!

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very cool

talked my wife into having a tiger based online alias. it all started after I was calling her Boo-Kitty so much so we went with Ghost Tiger. now heres the thing… she looked at the over use and fetishisticness of all the white and light coat colors and refused to do that for her avatar. since the nickname also applied to her being seldom seen we went with Siberian Tigers. we have a sweet spot in our hearts for those poor reclusive bastardos ever since.

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