Siberian tigers catch and destroy a drone

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I just hope they didn’t injure themselves they way Enrique Iglesias did.


That thing is a choking hazard!


Bad ass kitties.

Drones have allot of not-so-flesh-friendly parts so flying one of them for this purpose seems like a pretty stupid idea to me. Better to fly high and film them only.


I’ve never seen an obese tiger before.

I now have a sad.


So, did they run out of human volunteers to run around inside the cage?


You want your tigers to get exercise, feed them live prey. Problem solved.

Goats, corrupt politicians, sheep, boorish tourists, any live prey will do. Just remember that most tourists and politicians are not organically grown and may not be as healthy an alternative as some others.


That’s a really expensive cat toy, and lasted about as long as one too.

Cardboard boxes and paper bags are more entertaining anyway.


I think I would pay money to watch a tiger playing with a tiger-size paper bag.

Here’s a bunch of big cats playing with cardboard boxes:


The exercise solution is to attach a laser pointer to the drone. The drone can safely fly high above the reach of the murder kitties while they run around chasing the red dot.


I love cats. They are so odd. I have a feral that likes me and is so pleasant (to me at any rate) that if he got more so, he’d be comatose. Which is mostly what he does when he deigns to come in. He is at least polite in saying hello after coming in and before going to eat. Satan, on the other hand is a medium black haired abandoned domestic female and she is HUGE! Not preggers, not fat, just big, rivaling the biggest toms I’ve ever seen. This does NOT make her slow. Back before I had some steady income and cat food was an iffy, Satan (oh, I did not name her. She came with that moniker. And well named she was.), as female cats are wont to do, would bring me presents. I once saw this type of activity in a very natural situation and now I understand. Female cats, after giving birth to a litter, will go out and, hopefully, stun, say, a field mouse and then let the litter of kitties play with it. I say ‘hopefully’ for the cat as the kitties just recently opened their eyes and need movement to react to. It is fascinating, if somewhat horrible, to watch. But, with domestics, this innate behavior gets broken and when they get hungry (or, possibly, just bored) they bring the prey to us instead. Oh. Joy. I’ve seen a little, tiny brown bird sitting just to the left side of this monitor going hey, uh, you help be outta here? It could have been there for hours. Same as the bird on the microwave…these little brown birds don’t seem to vocalize as much as the others. Once, I was hearing a ruckus at the end of my bed. I wake up and start to investigate, and get a face full of bird.
Satan even has brought me pigeons. These are moderately large birds that are difficult to catch. You try it. Unfortunately, this means the bird will be seriously wounded or dead before I get them. Many of the previous ones, I simply release them and hope for the best. At least, she doesn’t do squirrels. Also, I find that the cats, the raccoons and the possums have all mutually agreed to simply ignore one another. Literally ignore on another. It is like watching a boring gangster film where everyone is holding their vows.


Four legs good, two legs bad. :angry:


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