Russian Embassy illustrates terrorist bomb truck tweet with bomb truck from "Command and Conquer"


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Must have been a busy day over at the “Russian Animation” factory.


Anyone watching the Russian response to bellingcat’s outstanding analysis wouldn’t be entirely surprised at the Embassy’s apparent lack of access to stock photos.


Choke on your words now, Leftists and other Hippies! Those are the same trucks Saddam Hussein had!


That’s not even a truck from Red Alert. For shame!


they learned from the best - EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE published in the web has an image, even when it makes no sense or is out of place and distracting


“My truck is loaded”
“One way trip!”


There are plenty more examples of the Russian UK embassy and ambassador choosing images that seem to only function as self parodies:

Though sometimes they just get tangled up in their metaphors:


I notice that the Dead Snow tweet doesn’t include “Image used for illustration purposes only”.

What are they trying to tell us?

What do they know that we don’t?


I think it means that it honestly represents what they think “nazism” is. Because if they defined it, for example, as an ethno-centric, militaristic regime driven by a personality cult for an absolute leader, it might trigger some unwelcome soul searching.




It would appear to be a GLA Bomb Truck from C&C Generals: Just for extra laziness, it looks to be exactly the same one on the wiki page for that unit(illustrating basic, HE, and biological warhead variants).

Somebody is clearly dedicated to keeping the proud standards of Pravda alive.


Great news! Top Aleppo extremist military commander CAPTURED!


Oh, man - I hope the extremists didn’t spend the $500 to upgrade them to anthrax bombs!


Have we checked to make sure that IS doesn’t have Dr. Thrax working for them? Then they’d have access to the Anthrax B upgrade!


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