Terror plumber truck of doom spotted in Syria




Lesson learnt; take your company details off before selling your old truck at auction.


^ victim blaming


I am baffled by this. The truck was re-sold in Syria? Are there no truck drivers in the US? And then some angry Syrian saw the phone number, added the right international dialing code, and made death threats? I suppose it’s not impossible, but this is in the outer limits of credble.


The death threats came from people in the US who saw this picture on Twitter or wherever, I thought.


Joe the Plumber would have NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN!


Seriously though, what are the export rules for used vehicles from the U.S? Shouldn’t there be some kind of record as to who bought this truck and shipped it to Syria?

Good grief…considering the paperwork one has to do in order to buy & register a car inside the country you’d think there would be tighter export controls.


Car and Driver must be psyched for a legitimate reason to post a terrorism-related story on their front page. They must not get many opportunities to feed at this if-it-bleeds-it-leads trough…


Exactly. There are people who believe Mark-1 Plumbing sold the truck directly to the people in the picture knowing it would be used in combat.


There’s no such thing as bad publicity… perhaps.


Someone’s taking this “sponsor-of-terrorism” thing a bit too literally.


“I will terrorize your clogged drains!”


Isn’t the plumber required to disable the AA gun before selling it overseas?


409 area code puts that in Texas. Every vehicle older than 10 years in Texas it seems goes over the border to Mexico.

From Mexico … who knows


I’m pretty sure the answer is Syria. It’s all a giant Syrian truck pipeline these days.


I was wondering the same thing!


So civil war fighters == terrorists?


I this crazy time even Christmas lawn ornaments can be considered “terrorism”, so (/shrugs and roll eyes) yes.


This touches on my most favorite class of cars.

Because everything is dual-use.


Or put your largest competitor’s on! I just find it hilarious that someone would take the time out to write, even thinking for a half a second that they gave the truck to a terrorist group thousands of miles away. Also just imagine when the new owner was welding in the large flamethrower, if someone didn’t say “do you want us to paint over the plumbing sign with some catchy terroristy slogan?” What possessed him to say , Naw I’m Good !