Russian investigative journalist who wrote about Russian mercenaries in Syria dies from fall



I guess Mr Borodin will compare notes on that with Seth Rich when they meet in the afterlife.


Are you seriously trying to push the “Seth Rich was murdered by Clintons!” bullshit, there?


Yes, especially when reminded that death by falling can be oddly contagious.


“died in a hospital after falling from his fifth floor apartment”

Given how some of the other Kremlin critics died (and yet were deemed “accidents”), I have to ask: how many times did he fall from his apartment? I’m guessing they would declare it an accident if the number was less than four.

Oh, a number of other people who were on the outs with the Kremlin have had fatal falls, too. In one case, a former Putin aide accidentally fell down so many times he bludgeoned himself to death. And that was in his own hotel room, so he must have been pretty determined.



Quite a few mysterious shootings of BLM leadership, too.



Once people with weak minds figure out that one conspiracy exists and is credible, it somehow is evidence that all conspiracies exist and are credible.


Well, let’s use it as an example of what we could become, if not vigilant. It can get MUCH WORSE if we are not very, very careful.


reminded of this one…


And then there’s Silkwood, and those folks who knew too much about the Kennedy assassination or 9/11.


There are a lot of killers. We’ve got a lot of killers. What do you think? Our country’s so innocent?


The Brotherhood of Perpetual Defenestration was a small order of pious monks who threw themselves out of the abbey window twice a day, following prayers. The reason for this curious custom is not recorded, but the order supplied stuntmen to the theater and film industries for over seven decades. A popular tourist attraction for three centuries, the brotherhood might still be with us but for a poorly considered move to the eighth story of a town building, and the order was extinguished in under an hour.


From Jam:


I just assumed that was a combination of crap police and excess alcohol.


Let me guess, he accidentally cut off his head while shaving.


Reminds me of a similar joke about a CIA training camp hosting teams from the Mossad and the BND.
The first task is to go into the woods at dawn and shoot a deer.
The Mossad team is back before breakfast, the deer shot clean in its breast, killed with a single bullet.
The CIA team is back around lunchtime. They’ve got a deer; it’s positively riddled with bullets.
At dusk the BND team trudges back into camp, hauling a boar, clubbing it, shouting “Confess you’re a deer!”

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