Russian investigative journalist who wrote about Russian mercenaries in Syria dies from fall


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Officials say there is no sign of foul play

Well, they would say that.


(which changed its name to Xe Services in 2009, and is know called Academi)

@frauenfelder, small editing error: know >> now


Just for those of us who do actually click-through to the source.


Oh, those poor Russians, to have to live in a country that’s not ruled by an actual government, but by a cabal of lawless gangsters. Oh, wait, …



“Dies from fall…”
On to some bullets? No?
Makes a refreshing change…


It’s like a Russian remake of Hot Fuzz, except without the jokes.

Have you ever wondered why, why the crime rate in Russia is so low, yet the accident rate is so high?


Somewhat related, I see very few mentions of Ferguson activists dying in unexplained car accidents. Is there any deep reporting on this? Some of these:


Surviving officials: no sign of foul play in death of official who suggested possibility of foul play.


How many times did he fall up the stairs?


Just as many as he did down. The numbers match, ergo No Foul Play.


Roger That!



this work of Moose and Squirrel




Sounds like man had unfortunate collusion with ground, what a country


In Russia, piano not fall on you, you fall on piano!


I guess it’s reassuring that, as bad as America is sometimes, they’re nowhere near this bad.