Russian opposition leader Navalny emerges from coma

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It is weird, isn’t it, when supposed adults, like Trump and Putin act like spoiled 8 year olds; “You can’t prove nuffin’, and, if you could, what are ya goin’ to do about it?!” The civilized world isn’t designed to cope with this level of hooligan behaviour. It’s a slippery fucking slope to Warlord Anarchy.


Seems to me we’re already there, with the help of the world’s richest and international corporations.


…and boy is he pissed! Immediately he sent 300 aged cheeses you’ve never heard of and 30 boxes of macarons with relatively harmless isotopes dosed in to those responsible and their families. Some sources report getting greenies for their pets that were purple, and being blown away that Navalny cares what kind of horseplay they engage in.

All made up. Yay surviving well.

The anarchists refuse any association with the warlords. That’s the domain of fascism.

Seriously, The Conquest of Bread may be a useful read if you want something resembling civilisation to survive if things start getting worse.


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