"Russian warship, go f*ck yourself!" declares Latvian parliament member at United Stations security session

Good point. Hopefully Africa will wake up to see what Russia’s state-sponsored Wagner Group is doing in places like the Central African Republic:


How was the great war of Africa interpreted by Russia media?

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I think Beau is quoting Henry “Realpolitik” Kissinger there.



… and Charles de Gaulle, and a bunch of other people—it goes back to the 19th century at least


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As someone who has seen quite a bit of regions where I worked, lived and have/had friends in Africa develop into no-go zones and/or crisis regions, I sadly have to point out that there is not much of a chance that the people, the parents, the children, the teachers, the workers and farmers, the ones who suffer have any say in how their countries do foreign politics.

Sidenote: there ~is~ was an election in Nigeria ~today~ yesteraday. Everyone should be watching and thinking about what’s going on. This might turn out to be pivotal. I think it will have important ramifications for the Russian war in Ukraine, for Europe, and yes, also for the US. I think the future of the world is decided in Africa, today.

ETA: I wrote this yesterday, and couldn’t finish. However, my point still stands. The election isn’t yet over, I gather from the news. Lots has gone wrong, as is to be expected in a country of that size and that strong contrasts in all fields of life. But still, the election did go forward. Nigeria is deciding its own fate, its citizens cast their votes and actively worked their way through the campaigns.

I have hope.

Authoritarians, go unfuck yourselves,


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