Dozens dead in rocket attack on refugee-packed train station in eastern Ukraine

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This is absolutely horrifying.

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It’s time for that proposed general UN vote to remove the Security Council veto re: the war in Ukraine. Either that or remove Russia’s permanent seat status there, because international security is obviously a low priority for the Putin regime.

[ETA: really, the time of permanent seats and vetos in general on the Security Council should be over. We live in a very different geopolitical world than the one where those things made sense.]


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Furthermore, it was spray painted “for the kids” I guess a Russian propaganda ploy that Ukraine did it to themselves (pro-RUS Twitter is claiming that particular missle is only used by UKR forces, despite photos of RUS forces also using them.)

(First photo below is of the missile, second is of covered bodies, I am just blurring the whole tweet.)

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I’ll give benefit of the doubt that it’s just a typo, but you should really say Kyiv, not Kiev. Kiev is the Russian spelling and not the present name of the city.


I wish I were standing in front of Putin with a baseball bat right now…


I’ve seen the translation “Four our kids” as well, and am not familiar with Russian so I can tell which is more correct. That can have several meanings. It could mean “This rocket is supposed to kill kids”, but just as well “we send this missile to stop the train carrying ammunition that will kill our kids”. (This is not a statement about Ukrainian troops killing children, just what the Russian side thinks of them).

This bat, right?


Yes, not “For (on behalf of) our children”, which would read more like"за наших детей". “за детей” conveys the idea of a “delivery”, as in “addressed to recipients”. Disgusting sentiment to put on a missile however generously one wants to interpret it.


I wonder if the children being referred to are the same ones previously featured in Kremlin PR campaigns. The alternative interpretation seems like the sort of thing that could definitely be a joke among those firing ballistic missiles into population centers; but also the sort of thing that one would be discouraged from putting into writing anywhere discoverable.


Yeah, but you also think the murder of Ukrainian civilians is explainable, so, you know, maybe you’re a touch biased.


I have forgotten most of the Russian I learned when I was younger. My grandparents didn’t want their children to speak it so I only picked up a tiny bit through osmosis. And it wasn’t even proper Russian anyway.

Interestingly it’s written in Russian and not Ukrainian, since their version of the Cyrillic alphabet uses alternate "i"s it would be spelled differently.

Which means nothing. Russia would claim Ukrainians wrote it in Russian to implicate Russia.

Putin’s aim is to blur reality so much anything can be claimed and nothing can be believed.


Reposting from the general war thread.

This was the rocket engine from one of the missiles.

It says “за детей” - which google translates to “for the children”.


Also reposting a note on the translation from the general thread:

Though speaking of writings on bombs and tanks, I’m somewhat surprised by the lack of WW2 slogans “За Сталина” (“For Stalin”) and “На Берлин” (“To Berlin”) on Russian gear. They were common around the time of the initial invasion in 2014. It really gave new meaning for the concept of “fighting the last war”.


It makes sense if they thought they were aiming at soldiers/ammunition coming by train, as those first messages seemed to indicate.

It also makes sense in the context of a government that has published positions asserting that all the civilians are effectively nazi collaborators, and that it may take a generation and a lot of killing to ‘reeducate’ them to proper Russian subservience.

In other words, it’s fucking monstrous and must be recognized as fucking monstrous. Stop blowing smoke.