Russian woman breaks up violent fight between two horses





I’m no expert but having been around horses a fair amount, that’s pretty straightforward behaviour on her part.
Horses are so so rarely aggressive towards humans.


Is Russian. Is both.


She is very careful to not get in the kicking or biting zone for either horse. And probably they are a large part of her assets, so she is very motivated.


Her right hand appears to be bleeding.


Note to self: Do not piss off horse.

(it’s one of those animals I wouldn’t think of being violent, watched too many westerns growing up I suppose)




Do not piss camels either…


“Russian woman runs around fighting horses trying to break them up until they decide to stop fighting.”


The rope entangling their legs was causing confusion among the horses so that they each thought the other was responsible.

/that, and that video needed more camera shake.


Poor horses appear to have been chained up; I can understand the hostility if they were constantly getting tangled in each others’ chaines.


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