Russian woman dismembers rapper husband, feeds his corpse to rats

No need to apologize. Our likes are our own to give and rescind at will. I wouldn’t even have known if you hadn’t made a point to mention it.
But, yeah, it is an icky topic. I’m feeling salty today. Kind of world-weary and skeptical. Not sure what that’s about. (Happy Treason Day.)


Makes sense.
The critters probably can’t eat the whole thing at once…
Depends on the critters, though.


I hear ya!

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Does Russia lack “cruelty to animals” laws? I mean, feeding a rapper’s corpse to some poor, innocent critter – how can that be legal in a civilized society?

Apparently they don’t have any ‘obstruction’, ‘tempering of a diseased body’, or ‘failing to report a corpse’ laws so you can forget about animal protection laws. I know China doesn’t have any animal protection laws so it it is definitely a thing that exists.

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