Russia's hackers target Sen. McCaskill’s 2018 campaign. Use Microsoft Exchange? You'd better read this

One is a proven issue. The other is a theoretical problem. Potentially real, but at this stage still theoretical. Both vectors do need to be addressed, but one is more clearly the pressing issue right now.

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And that’s another crypto conference I’ve been kicked out of. C’mon, it’s a great analogy!


That’s not an entirely fair characterization. The inability to prove whether an electronic system has been tampered with is not theoretical, and is also a pressing issue. Saying you don’t need to plug the hole, because you haven’t seen anyone use it yet, even though it can’t be correctly audited is circular.


And that’s not an entirely accurate take on my post :wink:


Yes, but Microsoft is a demon sent from the pits of Hell. Even if we bend the truth a bit, aren’t we still doing the Lord’s work? #liarsforjesus #thelordneedsourhelp #notactuallyomnipotent?


Much effort is also directed at ensuring that certain classes of people have no access to the voting booth.


This wouldn’t have happened if they used Gmail /s.

C’mon, this was a spearphishing attack and someone took the bait. The technology behind it isn’t really relevant here.

It’s not really hacking if you willingly give your information to somebody - it’s just social engineering.

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No, but Trumpty-Dumpty is getting his excuses in early. If Repugnants lose in November he WILL blame the Russians. Watch this space (hopefully).

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These attacks don’t even have to work to succeed. The goal is to drag all trust in the American electoral system through a burning shitstorm.

I wonder if there’s any correlation between Trump statements during the campaign that the election was rigged and Russian actions?


We moved from gmail to Office 365 email hosted by Microsoft. Since then I’ve seen this exact same attack make it through their spam/malware filters every single day. Another variant purports to have a secure file awaiting the recipient where it takes them to a fake office portal to have them log on.


Senator, switch your computers to Ubuntu.

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What’s that going to do? This has nothing to do with Windows.


He’ll probably do something about those millions of illegal voters too. /s


Yes, I would be QUITE nervous about Putin double crossing me, had I made an artful deal with him.

Even if you voted recently, you could be purged. At least in Ohio.

As good as it is is as bad as it is… I wish that wasn’t so true about everything.

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Yes. I only chafe at calling it “theoretical”, under the circumstances.

(Though, you could still run Windows on Ubuntu.)

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