Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died

Ok, a couple hours and a couple glasses later, still sad, but more pissed. A great lady, and a great leader has died, but the cause goes on. Nothing changes in the plan, only the urgency. We need the Senate convincingly, we need the white house, the state house, the legislatures and the dog catchers. School boards and town councils. And we need it in huge majorities. The urgency to win in un-fuck-aroundable margins in palpable. Tonight i am getting drunk as hell. Tomorrow, noonish or so, the fight starts again. Ibuprofen in hand, once more into the breech. Maybe one guy can’t do much, but what I can do I will do. RBG and victory!


I think if we are, we’ll do what we’ve been doing for decades and actively “export” our way of life to as many places as possible, which was bad and destructive enough when it was supposedly free market liberal democracy (which as we all know it wasn’t always that). Imagine when it’s fascism that we’re imposing on others… well, I mean, we did that too already.

I’m saying that as bad as our cold war activities were, especially for the global south, IT CAN BE WORSE.



easy, friend. we mustn’t go there. as titillatingly tempting as it is, we can’t go all Qtip with the cray.

however, I fully support the wolverine claws for the senator-slashing soiree!


Whiskey does fun things to the imagination. Last night was a doozy.


I forsee many a whisky-soaked, fretful doozies to come.


Well, I sincerely hope we get to ignore both of theirs very soon.


Not soon enough.


This is all just one more way for them to say “fuck you” to the Obama and Clinton.

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Maybe this is bigger than that, and it’s really about controlling women.