Sacred cultural site returned to Ohlone people

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At least the poor developer didn’t go broke for trying to built apartments on a sacred site. /s


I’m sure Berkeley will find another more acceptable site to allow more housing…

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Not sure why that’s a bad idea… seems like a good one to help correct a historical wrong.


In related news, the Squamish First Nation in Vancouver is giving the NIMBYs hissyfits (and giving them an opportunity to show their racism) by using their sovereignty to build 6000 much-needed new rental housing units (including affordable units) near the downtown core. Mixed-use, pedestrian- and transit-friendly, carbon-net-zero, attractive design.


Really really happy about this. The Ohlone people, & especially Sogorea Te, have kept the faith through decades if not centuries. The Shellmound is a National Historic Site already but that didn’t stop the developers or convince the courts…only money could do that…& it’s a shame that the people had to ransom their own land. Still, it’s a victory. Shoutout also to Jews On Ohlone Land who’ve been steadfast about holding ceremonies on the parking lot (or around it, after it was fenced off) to draw attention to this sacred site.


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